Beach Football with England Lioness Jo Potter

18 August 2016

We’re taking full advantage of the sand in the Market Square this August by bringing along a Notts County and England Ladies midfielder for a kick around…


If you’ve been out and about in Nottingham over the past couple of weeks, you’ll have noticed that the beach is back again in the Market Square.

There are the usual rides and decking for those looking for thrills and relaxation all in the same place, but coming soon there will be an installation for all you football-lovers out there.

We at City of Football have secured a spot to use exclusively as a football assault course with the help of special guest Jo Potter. The England and Notts County midfielder will be giving expert advice as you run through the drills and try to navigate the course.

The event kicks off on Wednesday 24th August at 12pm, as we welcome young and old to have a good kick around on the sand and try something new. Provided the beautiful summer weather holds you’ll have until 3pm to have a go.

It’s not often that we get the chance to feel like we’re in a tropical country here in Nottingham, or to experience what it would be like to play in the streets and beaches of Brazil. This could be your opportunity to feel like you’re in the Olympics.

Given our location almost exactly in the centre of England, it will also be much quicker than making your way to the coast to play football on an actual beach. Plus, much cheaper. Win.

Additionally, we will have selfie frames and plenty of beach balls to giveaway so that you can capture the magic of a beach game uninterrupted by rogue frisbees or wandering dogs.

We may not have the sea in sight, but there is a paddling pool, and you won’t be distracted by a blustering ocean breeze.

We know there’ll be loads of you wanting to test your skills on the sand so make sure to reserve a spot when you see us.

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