City of Football Crown Central College Project Winner

11 July 2016

Nottingham City of Football set students from Central College a challenge to use skills they have acquired from their courses to design a football related project and sprung up some fantastic results...


Nottingham City of Football hosted their showcase event on June 29 at Antenna with food, drinks and live music from Peter Forster and Rob Green, celebrating the work produced by the students.

Groups from Architecture, Graphic Design, Textiles and Fashion presented their work to a panel of judges made up by Amanda Chambers, Managing Director of Nottingham City of Football, Ben Thompson, Account Director at Macesport and Diane Garfield, Community and Performance Sport Manager at Central College Nottingham on the night with the hopes of winning the £300 prize on offer.

The textiles and fashion group were the overall winners with the £300 prize going towards a trip for their course.

Victoria Carver, winning textiles and fashion student from Central College said “I am gobsmacked to have won the award, my inspiration was Nottingham Lace so I thought I would combine the two, football and fashion.”

“If this design could be produced I would love England Ladies or Forest Ladies to model it one day.

“This project has made me view football in a different light, during the research we found that disabled people had done similar things and being of a disability myself it made me realise maybe I can get on the pitch.”

Amanda Chambers, Managing Director of Nottingham City of Football said “As part of the City of Football mandate, our aim is to get more people thinking about football in new and exciting ways.”

“I was really impressed by the hard work, effort and quality of work the students presented on the night”

“Victoria demonstrated clearly all the various aspects she had considered when creating the women’s football kit and it was great to hear how the project has really opened her eyes to the possibility of playing football and being involved in football no matter the circumstance.”

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