My Football Journey: Kelly Brown

21 March 2016

Kelly Browns is a 37-year-old female player who re-found her football through one of our partner programmes Female Football Fives…


Why did you start playing football?
I love football, I always watch it on the TV and go to matches. I used to play when I was younger and loved it. While watching the Women’s World Cup last year, and seeing how well Notts County Ladies did, I started looking around for some female clubs. I love sport but as you get older it’s harder to settle into clubs and just play for fun.

What do you enjoy most about playing?
I love that Female Football Fives is a mixed age and ability group. You feel very welcome – everybody talks to you and encourages you. I love just playing again, it makes you feel fit, young, and happy, especially when you score a goal or win a game. I love that a group of ladies have got together, made a team and now we’re friends. Brilliant.

What is the most challenging thing about being a female footballer?
I have always found it hard being a female football player as it’s thought of as a man’s sport. Even when I was younger I had to play football with the boys and my brothers – there were no girl’s teams. I got told to play other sports and on many occasions got called a boy because of my love for football. When you play, most men don’t listen to you or take you seriously.

What advice would you give to a female wanting to get involved in football?
Go for it! Join a club, meet other ladies, have fun and play. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t played for twenty years. If you enjoyed it then, you will enjoy it again. It’s better than going to the gym – it boosts your self-confidence, makes you happy, you’ll make new friends, and keep fit. I’m glad I went back to play, I really enjoy it and it’s opened up other doors for me. I went on a Level 1 Coaching course and passed, and now I’m looking to help out at a club.

The City of Football run female only sessions every Tuesday night at the Forest Sports Zones for women of all ages and abilities from 6-9pm (various sessions), for more information visit The Reclaim the Pitch Section.

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