Footgolf Takes Over

20 May 2016

There’s a new hybrid sport lighting up the countryside, and it’s about time you got involved…

It’s not just football, and it’s not just golf. It’s got twice the drama and requires double the amount of skill and knowledge to navigate your way around the course.  

Similarly to golf, the aim is to make your way to the hole, but you can only use your feet. By combining power and precision, the game closely resembles the strategy of a round of golf, however, there’s no need to fork out for any expensive equipment to play. All you need is a size five football and a lotta love for having a kickabout.

Breaking away from the traditional team game we know and love, footgolf doesn’t require 22 players, just you and a couple of mates to compete against. It’s an inclusive sport and growing rapidly, especially in the East Midlands.

There are six courses in the Nottingham area: Leen Valley Footgolf; Nottingham Footgolf Academy in Brierley Forest; Edwalton Footgolf; Oakmere Park Footgolf in Oxton; Riverside Footgolf; and Trent Lock in Long Eaton.

As involvement increases, some of the sites are opening up their gates to give students a taste of playing a sport they’ve never tried before. Such is the case at Oakmere Park, where sixteen lucky young people will be experiencing footgolf for the first time on Wednesday 25 May.

Footgolf is an amazingly accessible sport and you can find other courses in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire so the region is positively bursting with opportunity. There’s never been a better time to get into a new sport. It’s fun, easy and affordable. What are you waiting for?

Nottinghamshire Footgolf Courses website

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