Amputee Football

14 June 2016

We went to visit the English Amputee Football League, with Nottingham-based Peterborough player Ben Houghton...

We at the City of Football believe that everyone should give football a try, and that everyone should be given a chance by football.


For those of us born with missing limbs, or having lost one in an accident, the traditional view holds that this will be a hindrance to taking part in most sports.


This is especially the case in football, where the legs provide balance as well as the swinging mechanism for kicking a ball.


But if you haven’t already seen the fantastic video below of just how well these guys have learned to play on crutches then you need to see it to believe it.


The English Amputee Football Association is growing and it’s thanks to the near unfathomable skills of the people who can adapt and take it to a whole new level.


Ben Houghton of Nottingham plays for Peterborough United’s Amputee Football team and wants as many people as possible to get involved in the sport he loves so that there can be bigger and better leagues around the country for him to compete in.


“The league is getting better, and then obviously there’s the international level as well, which I am a part of,” said Ben. “It’s a really high standard. If you want to do it - do it. Join us.”

The English Amputee Football Association website

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