23 February 2017

We worked with the National Videogame Arcade and seven computer game designers to reinvent the rules of football...

Gamechangers - A project by City of Football and the National Videogame Arcade

Ever since football was first invent the beautiful game has been through lots of changes. The rules we know today were first invented by the football association in the 1860s and since then they've changed a lot. 

As part of our project over the last two years we got playful with the rules of football. We worked with seven computer game designers to reinvent the rules of football and create new live action games that you can play with a football. These are designed as alternative activities for children and adults who have not been traditionally interested in football and would like to participate, but starting with a level playing field. 

View the digital version of our Gamechangers book on Issuu

Watch a video about the Gamechangers project

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