Make a Football Resolution this January

9 January 2017

2017 is your year to start playing football and finally see what all the fuss is about...

Every year, we are filled with the determination to make the next twelve months better than the last, and one of the most common resolutions is the desire to get fit through exercise.

This is what we’re all about at the City of Football and we would love to see everybody in Nottingham start burning off the calories in whatever ways possible.

You can cycle to work, sign up for the local gym, join a yoga class, the possibilities are endless! But what we really want to see is more people kicking around that glorious leather ball and chasing it all over the pitch.

There are countless ways you can get involved in a game of football. As this video shows, you can even skip and do keepy-uppies at the same time. But if you’re after the more conventional endeavour then where better to start than your local park?

The thought of walking up to a group of strangers during an intense match of football and asking to join can be unnerving but, if you can find the right bunch of people to start with, you will be rewarded with an excellent way to both get fit and possibly make friends.


Ideally, you should pick a group of players of similar age and ability who seem as if they are just starting. But if it’s already going, the best person to approach is the goalkeeper, as you’ll likely be welcomed into the fold. Gradually you can work your way forwards and get some proper exercise.

If you already have the mates and the football, a great way to get them organised into two teams is using our very own app, which helps you out with locations across Nottingham where you can have a kick-about.

It may seem daunting to venture outside in the winter months but there is scientific proof that exercising outdoors is better than the gym for both mental and physical health. Of course, if you’re truly averse to the cold weather then there is always indoor football, and futsal, as it is called, has really taken off over the past few years.

We also have loads of activities going on all month that you can get involved with, by checking our Facebook and Twitter pages. Whatever your methods, make 2017 a football year, a healthy year, and a fun year.

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